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Item Cards

Everyone likes handouts. Maps. Lore. Art. Props. They add a fun, tactile element to the game. One popular type of handout is the item card. These can represent treasure, trinkets, and other things that characters find on their adventures. There are various types of these available for purchase from gaming companies – Paizo’s excellent GameMastery line, for example, has lots of these on offer.

Because we like to give you free stuff here at Lawful Stupid RPG, this week on our blog we’re giving you a template so you can make your own item cards. The template is a Word document scaled to print out on a standard 4” x 6” index card, but you can print out several on an A4 or letter-sized piece of card and cut them down to size as well.

Here’s an example of an item card made this way from our Erroth show. This example uses AD&D 2nd edition trade dress, to suit the Erroth campaign.

The template we've made for download is styled to match D&D 5th edition trade dress. It looks like this:

Download the template, fill in the text boxes, add some art, and you’re good to go. You can replace the D&D logo with your own campaign logo, if you have one.

And if you play online, you can still use item cards. Send them to your players to print out at home or bring up on their screen as a handy reference. No more arguing over who has the Rod of Lordly Might – just check who has the card!

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