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Dark Sun Wizard Spells

Wizards in Dark Sun are very different from those in other game worlds. Not only do they draw on the energy of the land to cast their spells (see our blog post on that for more details) but they also have several unique spells that set them apart. In this blog, we’re compiling those spells into one place for use in your games.

The original Dark Sun boxed set presented a handful of Athasian wizard spells, and more appeared in supplements like Defilers and Preservers and in various magazine articles over the years, as well as appearing in the Wizards Spell Compendium series towards the end of 2e’s run. This blog collects all of the Dark Sun spells from those various sources, tweaks them to work with the houserules we’re using in the 2e game that we’re streaming here at Lawful Stupid RPG, and presents them in a single document – you can download this as a pdf at the bottom of this page.

There’s not much more to say – go ahead and dive in to see what your Athasian spellcaster might find on his travels across the Tablelands. These aren’t the only spells appropriate for the Dark Sun setting, of course. You can draw spells from other campaign settings, articles, and supplements and insert them into your game. Be sure to take a look at the material components that spells use when you introduce them and modify these to suit Athas – what works as a simple material component in Greyhawk might just break the bank in Tyr!

Here is a list showing all the spells that appear in the pdf, including those modified from original versions appearing in the PHB. Notable by their absence are psionic enchantments – these are better left up to the DM to add as they see fit. The monster summoning tables in this pdf are based on the excellent work of Richard Black, posted over at a while back.

First Level


Charm Person

Erdlu Claw

Find Familiar


Giant Fur

Illusory Talent


Second Level



Cerulean Shock

Detect Psionics

Eye of the Storm

Fool’s Gold

Footsteps of the Quarry

Magic Trick

Orb of Power

Plant Renewal

Spawn Heritage



Third Level


Cooling Canopy

Death Mark


Empower Orb

Energy Conduit

Erdlu Hide

Fleet Feet

Gardener’s Touch

Mask Magic

Mental Dagger

Monster Summoning I

Nurturing Seeds

Phantom Steed

Ranike Cloud


Touch the Black

Fourth Level


Border Guard


Ice Storm

Mage Seeker


Monster Summoning II

Plant Growth

Psionic Dampener

Psionic Tracer



Spell Deferment

Sphere of Entrapment


Transmute Sand to Stone

Wall of Ice


Fifth Level

Death Whip

Defend Distant Ward

Erdlu Egg

Guard Life

Kank Shell

Monster Summoning III

Psionic Override


Steal Energy

Transmute Rock to Mud

Wall of Iron

Sixth Level

Conjure Greater Elemental

Improved Haste

Improved Slow

Isolate Templar

Monster Summoning IV

Psychic Reversal


Shadow Shroud

Transmute Water to Dust

Seventh Level

Cleansing Flame

Doom Legion

Monster Summoning V

Open the Gray Portal


Ward’s Revenge

Watchful Eyes

Eighth Level

Create Tree of Life

Monster Summoning VI

Obsidian Death

Protection from Time

Ninth Level

Land Lock

Monster Summoning VII

Pact of Darkness

Psionic Channeller

Vampiric Youthfulness

Wizard Spells
Download PDF • 2.09MB

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