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Giveaway Rules

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsor, Kraken Dice, we are happy to be able to do weekly giveaways!

The following comprises LSRPG's rules for live show giveaways. These rules are subject to change at any time, and any changes will be communicated to the community during our livestreams and via announcement on our Discord channel in addition to being updated on

Please direct any questions regarding the following information to our contact form.

  1. Giveaways will be conducted via Streamlabs Cloudbot, utilizing Twitch chat commands for entry.

    • LSRPG is not responsible for any technological issues that may occur with Cloudbot.​

  2. Viewers are limited to one entry per giveaway. 

  3. Winners for giveaways will be announced during the livestream. Communication following the announcement should be conducted via our Discord channel or Twitch direct chat.

    • ​Winners must be present in chat at the time of the winner announcement in order to claim their giveaway prize. LSRPG will give the announced winner 90 seconds to respond in chat.

    • Should the winner not respond within 90 seconds, they forfeit their prize and a new winner will be drawn. Any subsequent winners are subject to the same rules as listed above.  ​

  4. Viewers are only eligible for giveaways if they have not won one of our giveaways within the last calendar month. This includes giveaways on all official LSRPG shows, as well as any of our affiliate channels. 

    • If someone who is not eligible to win enters the giveaway, and if their name is drawn, LSRPG will redraw a winner until one is selected who is eligible to win. ​

  5. LSRPG will communicate the winner’s required information to Kraken Dice in a timely manner following our regular schedule.

    • LSRPG is not responsible for any problems resulting from the winner providing incorrect information to LSRPG. 

    • LSRPG is not responsible for any problems that may arise on the Kraken Dice website or otherwise once the winner's information has been adequately communicated. Any issues that arise following this point should be taken up with Kraken Dice's customer service.

  6. Communication between winners and LSRPG representatives should be conducted in a respectful manner. Any communication that violates our community terms will be investigated and addressed accordingly.

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